Pikos galore with Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City


Well, the cats put of the bag! I am officially a PIKO hoarder! I could probably write a novel on why I love these things so much, but I don’t think I could keep your attention so I will cut to the chase!!!

When I first discovered the PIKO  top it was when I was browsing around at Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City. I was unsure of them so I only grabbed a Long Sleeve Crew Neck Piko, but after my first few wears I was hooked! I quickly headed back to Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City and grabbed that same style in a few more basic colors. But while I was there of course I discovered the Piko Tunic which is just a longer version that is perfect to wear with leggings. Once I acquired a few more colors all the colors, I ventured on to  Piko Dresses.


Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City has the WIDEST variety of all things PIKO. They have every variety you could possibly be looking for. From Piko swing dressesto a cap sleeve dress, Lush has you covered! My personal favorite is the Long Sleeve Crew Neck Piko in black and white stripes.

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And if you prefer a shorter sleeve, they also have Piko half sleeve tunics!

And can we talk about these so mega affordable OTK BOOTS that are under $40? They are so super comfy, excellent quality and won’t put a dent in your pocket!

Lush Fashion Lounge in Oklahoma City recently just upped their PIKO game by adding Piko Sweaters! I am in trouble! I just got the Brown Piko Sweater and I am convinced I need all the colors!



Lush Fashion Lounge also has a few things I think you need for fall!


This distressed denim jacket is only $35! You can literally add this jacket to any PIKO dress or PIKO TUNIC to create a different look! I will be wearing the heck out of it this FALL/WINTER!

The Gameday cardigans  come in a few fun FALL colors and look perfect paired with a PIKO!



I hope I’ve convinced you to head over to Lush  and check out their huge selection of PIKOS! I know I am never disappointed  when I bring one more home!



With Style,



*Thank You to Lush Fashion Lunge for partnering with us for this post*


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