Younique Review!


I love products so naturally when asked to do a review of the Younique Mascara I was so excited! Not only because I’m a product junkie, but because I have the worlds stubbiest, shortest, thinnest eyelashes. This is a fact friends!



Starting out with a fresh canvas I applied some basic Mac Mascara. Next you apply the younique transplanting gel. The transplanting gel goes over your first coat of regular mascara and it goes on much like normal mascsra. Next you apply the fibers on top of the first two steps. If you want to, and I did, the final step you can seal it all up with a coat of regular mascara. Here is a pic comparing the two eyes.


For me, I can tell a huge difference not only in the fullness of my lashes but my time was cut in half! Because my lashes are so puny I feel like I usually spend the majority of my time doing coat after coat just to get some volume.


I have been wearing younique all weekend and so far I have had no problems! I think I love it! If you are interested and have had the itch to order you can do it directly here.

A huge thanks to The Thankful Farmers Daughter, Angie for sending me this to try!

I hope you all are lucky enough to try this!
With Style,

*I am in no way affiliated with The Younique company. Everything shared is based on my opinion only*


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