I dare you…

This year I dare you to embrace who God created you to be! We are all so unique and different. We all have different gifts and talents. Things to offer that no one else could offer. This year, let’s all care more about what God knows about us then what others think about us!

2014 was so fabulous! I have had so many amazing opportunities this year. From starting this blog, to becoming a brand rep for some amazing shops and boutiques. And many more offers and fun things in the works. Thank you all for following along with me and for your daily encouragement! I’m blessed to know you all and a better person for it!

Let’s all do better this year in encouraging people, being authentic , and positive always! Some of my personal goals for the New Year are:

Move more
Less Carbs
Spend more time as a family
Spend less on material things
Unplug more

May you all find yourself blessed and encouraged for an amazing year ahead!


With Style,


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